Andrew Hodson has been making sound and video art for the last 12 years.

Half Memory – Shortlisted for a Museums and Heritage award

INTERCHANGE is one of 2 commision for the Half Memory cs all(1)
project. INTERCHANGE is a experimental film inspired by photography and illustrations drawn from the Tyne and Wear Archives, of the 1970s’ biggest civil engineering project on Tyneside – the construction of Metro.

Hydro – winner of Health international Academy Award 2012 and the Patient Experience national network award 2012

Funded by the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity and supported by the Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust Charities Team. A team of artist transformed seven interior spaces within the Dietetics and Therapy Centre at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Hodson produced 8 original soundscapes for the Hydro Pool area. This project as a whole won of Health international Academy Award 2012 and the Patient Experience national network award 2012

DtArNaCcEe DmAuNsCiEc 

download (2)

DtArNaCcEe DmAuNsCiEc was a collaboration between Alec Finlay and Andrew Hodson – a field recording of the sounds of the dancers and dance classes performing on location at Dance City (Newcastle-upon-Tyne). The sounds were (re)composed into DmAuNsCiEc by Andrew Hodson. The work also exists as a jukebox in Dance City.
Dance Trace is published in the Bookscapes series by  Morning Star in association with Dance City.

Mariner 9 (live)

Mariner 9 is a giant video art installation being presented in Whitley Bay’s Edwardian pleasuredome. Created by artist Kelly Richardson, Mariner 9 is a 11ffc2c8e25caf22befabbc6561e66dd0c7f88e6.620.350.0.12.2478.1399spectacular twelve metre-long panorama of Mars  commissioned by the Tyneside Cinema via its digital arts programme Pixel Palace.

Warm Digits featuring Hodson where commission to make a soundtrack to this work by the Tyneside Cinema

Made up of found sounds and performances recorded on location at the Royal Bolton Hospital’s Rivington Mental Health Unit. Patients, nurses, cleaners and doctors were invited to record sounds of their choice, from fax machines to fire extinguishers and poetry readings to musical instruments.
download (1)Hodson formulated a way of working to make music co-productively with a large group of people sharing ownership, called Rules of Social or Community Sampling, on this residency.

Harry Smith Anthology Remixed

Venue: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Preview: Friday 20 June 2008, 6-8pm
Exhibition: 20 June – 26 July 2008


The exhibition brings together the work of eighty-four leading artists and musicians, who were each invited to make a visual artwork in response to one track from the groundbreaking music release the Anthology of American Folk Music.    Exhibition curated by Rebecca Shatwell,


The Blank Tape Spillage Fete

Hodson took part in The Blank Tape Spillage Fete exhibition which was an project involving artists
and musicians. Participants are invited to fill a blank cassette with anything
they want of their own recorded material and then create artwork to accompany it. Hodson made some sculptural work to accompany his tape.

Map Music (Newcastle)

Map Music, an evocation of the modern, efficient, technically savvy public transport system, clicking and bleeping its aural footprint on early 21st-century download (3)living. This is Hodson’s ‘film’ soundtrack accompaniment to a journey on the ‘loop’ section of Newcastle’s Metro system. Heard to best effect in situ via headphones, it’s a combination of found sound collages, captured on trains, in stations and station environs, this information disassembled, processed and melded into a sympathetic vision of what so often proves an unsatisfactory component of urbanisation.